Our Story

Then Until Now
The Bride

The Bride

Jessica, the fun-loving, extrovert between the two. Jessica helps Jon realize going out with friends can be a good time, even if he’s a little reluctant at first.

The Groom

The Groom

Jon, the calm introvert in the relationship. Jon helps Jessica realize an evening at home watching movies is just as fun as a night out with friends.

How We Met

Jon and Jess have known each other since high school. Jon had a huge crush on Jessica but never let her know because she had a boyfriend at the time (such a good guy!). It wasn’t until after graduation (and after Jess’s breakup) that they reunited at Jon’s parent’s house to “get the gang back together” for a friend home on military leave.

That evening they flirted all night with each other. Their friendship turned into romance as they continued to talk non-stop. It wasn’t long after that that they exchanged the “L-Word” (not lesbians) and got serious. In the last 5 years together, they’ve watched their families grow,¬†traveled to the west coast, moved in together, and supported one another.

We are very excited to be surrounded by our amazing family and friends this December as we join our lives forever.

She Said Yes!

July 31, 2016

The Proposal

Jon and I decided to take a trip to Northern California. We drove from San Fransisco all the way up to Fort Bragg and then up to see one of the drive-through trees. Driving on the One was the only way to get there and I was so scared because of the cliffs but was in love with the views! On the way back, we made a pit stop on the side of the One to do some more admiring of the views. I got out and started snapping pictures, Jon made some excuse to grab something out of the car.

Not thinking about it because he’d already told me he WASN’T going to propose on this trip, I was standing as close to the edge as possible watching the waves crash. I turn around to see what was taking him so long, and he was inches from my face! He started talking about how much he loved me, which I heard almost nothing of. Then he got on one knee and my choice was to either jump or say yes. Obviously i made the right choice.



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